About Us

Is Sea Scouting for Me?

What’s In It For Me?

You can learn to sail, to row and to keep a boat in shape; you can cruise local waters or go sailing on long cruises far from home.  You can learn to Scuba dive.  You’ll be active in camping, social events, tours, regattas, excursions and seamanship contests.

Some crew members join for the leadership experience, camaraderie and fun.  Others are preparing for maritime careers or careers in the marine sciences.  Your training and rank advancement may make you eligible for advanced enlistment pay in the Coast Guard or other military service, or preferred admissions to a maritime academy.

What Else Should I Know?

Let us show you more.  You are wlecome to join us for any Ship 548 meeting on Tuesday evenings.  We provide transportation from the Burger King parking lot in Solomons, MD each week and meet at Holy Angels’ Church Hall in Avenue, MD.

What Will I Do?

Sea Scout advancement includes safety, customs, swimming, boating, marlinspike seamanship, piloting, signaling, close-order drill, cruising, galley operation, sailing, boats, ground tackle, first aid, navigation, boat maintenance, engines, sea history, lifesaving, equipment, weather, radio and Scouting ideals.  We are also active in our community participating in parades and community service projects.